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Usheria Deberry 

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Intermediate Pedagogical Models Response to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace. In Response to Racist Incidents at Work.

Workshop/Course Description

How do we cope? What can we do when this happens? How can we work on implicit bias? One response from participants was to have a training that would tailor to the team. The workshop is intentionally to 'sit back and listen, create a space for each team member. Sometimes a presenter will be invited to assist with leading the training. Why is this necessary?


  • Participants will be able to list strategies and tips for approaching situations involving racism.

  • Participants will be able to define emotional intelligence.

  • Participants will share experiences and stories to explore racist incidents at work and how to respond to them.


Presentation Summary

Propose to share experience and stories designed to explore the following:


Who are we? Why are we here today? Terminology and Approach of Different Situations (strategies and tips). How did it get to be the way it is now? Why is history important? How do we work to dismantle (you are doing the work, now what)?

What is emotional intelligence and why do we need to know this? What would we notice? We analyze and take a mini test - sharing cultural differences.

What are we committed to do? How will we incorporate our plans at home, work, and whatever else we have personally going on in our lives (i.e., school).

Taking accountability.



Usherla DeBerry, ME.d., Since 1993 I knew a helping profession would be my career choice. My areas of expertise are Education and Economics. I taught ASL and Deaf Culture at Delaware Technical Community College for 8 years. I am currently awaiting approval of my research study location for my doctoral program with Grand Canyon University where I am studying Organizational Leadership, with an emphasis in K-12 Leadership (expected completion 2017). I have a BA in Recreation and Leisure Studies specializing in Therapeutic Recreation from Gallaudet University (1999) and a MA in Special Education from Wilmington University (2009). I have attended workshops and conferences including, National Black Deaf Advocates, Showing up for Racial Justice, Quality Matters, Question/Persuade/Refer, and Maxient. I have worked directly with students, staff and the administration for the past 6 years, and currently work in the President’s office. I am the advisor for the Black Student Union at Gallaudet University, have lead workshops for SUB Resident Assistants since 2010. I lead trainings on Bridging the Gap between Deaf Culture and Deaf Ministry at First Baptist Church of Glenarden. I hail from Wadesboro, NC where I was in an oral environment, but went to a school for the Deaf for the first time at age 10 when I transferred to the Delaware School for the Deaf. There I began learning my native language, American Sign Language. My favorite quote is: "To teach is to learn" by Dr. Laurene Simms.

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