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Rey Castillo

(photo description: Male, hispanic  with Salt & Pepper hair, Black polo shirt)

What Would Our Classroom Look Like in the Future?

Workshop/Course Description

There are so many demands for online instruction. How do we address retention? What options would the classroom look like? In-person class vs Synchronous online? Are there other options you are willing to explore? Ever thought about hy-flex classrooms? Hyflex has been around since 2005 before the pandemic. What are the flexibility in those 3 classrooms and how do you accommodate different learning styles?

Which educational delivery do you use in the classroom? Are you willing to explore different options when it comes to ASL instruction? Find out what experience I have navigated through 3 different classrooms. What works best for student retention. You will have hands-on experience in this journey. Expected to bring a laptop and explore all the learning tools in preparation for changes in future classrooms.


  • Participants will be able to compare in-person classroom instruction with synchronous online instruction.

  • Participants will be able to define and describe hy-flex classrooms.

  • Participants will explore different classroom options and will be able to delineate how each can accommodate different learning styles



As a child of Deaf parents, Rey spent most of his educational years at NCSD in Morganton. His decision to go into teaching college-level ASL was a profound result of a personal life-saving experience when a first responder nurse could communicate with him in ASL in a time of emergency. Rey is a recent graduate of the M.A. in Sign Language Education program from Gallaudet University and has taught ASL at Blue Ridge Community College since 2020. As an NCSD alumni. he serves as the President of the NCSD Alumni Association. When Rey isn't teaching ASL or on stage performing, you may find him pursuing his greatest hobbies in concert photography, fishing and hunting.

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