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Mike Lupo

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2 workshop topics:

• Bilingual Teaching Strategies: Using Wordless Picture Books to Facilitate Language Development in ASL and English


• Explicit and Implicit Language Learning

Workshop/Course Description

Workshop/Course Description: The use of wordless picture books in the classroom and at home allows greater flexibility in tackling all areas of language development (Signing, speaking, reading, and writing) for deaf and hard-of-hearing children PreK through 12th grade in any language. It also allows you to provide differentiated instruction for deaf and hard-of-hearing students at different levels at the simultaneously. In addition, wordless picture books provide many benefits for overall cognitive growth and social development. You will have the opportunity to review wordless picture books and engage in hands-on activities to experience the benefits. Educational Objectives (List specific measurable actions by participants that will demonstrate comprehension and integration of information presented):

Participants will…


  • Understand some of the basic bilingual teaching strategies for DHH children

  • Understand the benefits visual learning

  • Learn how to use wordless picture books in a bilingual language learning environment

  • Understand how wordless picture books will facilitate ASL and English learning and foster social development



Michael is a deaf elementary teacher for the deaf for a coastal North Carolina public school district. He has 20+ years of experience teaching deaf children and adults in schools for the deaf, public schools, and colleges. In the past, he was a technology business owner for six years.


Currently, he consults and educates parents and professionals of deaf and hard of hearing children on the importance of language acquisition and social language development and provides instructional strategies on maximizing language learning. Michael received his BS in social work from Rochester Institute of Technology and his Master’s degree in deaf education from the University of Rochester. He later completed his graduate studies in rehabilitation counseling from the University of North Texas and teaching second languages from Eastern New Mexico University. In his free time, Michael likes to spend time with his wife and two children. In addition, he enjoys hiking, flying, working outdoors, and traveling.

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